Special Needs Dentistry

Our Dedication to Children with Special Needs

Every child is a gift, and all children deserve access to the best dental treatment available in a supportive and comforting environment. 

Dr. Chu understands that children with special needs can present unique treatment challenges, and he is honored to care for and provide a safe, nurturing space for your child. 

As a pediatric dental specialist, Dr. Chu has received specialized training involving behavior management using techniques such as:

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal communication and explanation of procedures

  • Visual demonstrations involving all the senses

  • Positive reinforcement techniques

  • Positive imagery to assist treatment

Dr. Chu’s extraordinary level of empathy and ability to read a child’s body language assists him in caring for your child even when our child can’t express those feelings themselves.  

The team at All 4 Kids Dentistry has also been trained in these techniques to help every child remain as calm as possible throughout their visit.

To help your child have a full and productive visit, we also have private rooms for exams and offer sedation options such as laughing gas (laughing gas) and I.V. general anesthesia if treatment is necessary. 

While we care for children with many different special needs, we are especially aware of the unique needs of children who are on the autism spectrum. Our overall approach doesn't change, but the treatment plan may be slightly different to accommodate any issues you may be facing at home; e.g., brushing, flossing, dietary concerns and addressing aversions to food textures and tastes, etc. We are always empathetic to the needs of the caregiver as well as the child and show support in any way we can.

Dr. Chu enjoys working with children and helping them understand the importance of good oral health care. He understands the energy and curiosity that all children possess and will use this to make your child's experience fun and educational. Very few dentists can turn a dental visit into a fun visit quite like Dr. Chu can.

Rest assured, the team at All 4 Kids Dentistry works hard to provide a fun, enjoyable, family-centered, harmonious environment that all children and caregivers can feel comfortable in.